Adaptoids Interview

Adaptoids Interview

Step into the world of Adaptoids as we decode the secrets that have propelled them to e-commerce greatness. This exclusive interview provides a glimpse into the strategies and insights that define Adaptoids’s prominence in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Adaptoids?

Hi, I’m Nico. I’m the founder of Ba Organics, a research and development company devoted sustainability and hemp-derived products. I worked as a horticulture specialist for over 7 years, and a number of those years was dedicated to developing a new breed of smoke-free methods of enjoying medicinal hemp extracts. What we created became one of the first daily cannabinoid tablets, and is now known as Adaptoids.

Adaptoids founder

2. How was Adaptoids born? How did you start?

Adaptoids was born out of a family illness and our quest to understand the root cause of degenerative illnesses and disease. When people think of food as medicine, I wanted to know exactly what mechanisms in food are responsible for good health and how stress factors into that equation. We found that it all boils down to very specific levels of micronutrients (vitamins), minerals, and other important, yet tiny, compounds. Without a balance of these essential nutrients and cortisol levels, one will experience living in a body that is consistently being weakened over time in terms of immune response, organ function, and overall energy level. This lack of ‘homeostasis’ taxes different areas of the body and leads to disease, discomfort, and illness.

3. What makes Adaptoids different? Can you explain your products with details?

The profound discoveries of researchers in 2015 linking cbd with anti-tumor progression led us to the theory that if we infuse these hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts with real vitamins derived from organic fruit, our formulas could be a used as a daily preventative measure to protect all walks of life from degenerative disease. The news media rarely talks about vitamin deficiencies as a contributing cause of illness, but our research shows that the correlation is very strong with case studies to prove it.
So, with the help of a local pharmaceutical company, we’ve developed an organic dissolvable tablet formula that can target the vitamin deficiency problem directly, while reducing the tension of daily life. Our proprietary formula allows these compounds to take a more direct path into bloodstream through membranes in the mouth, without needing to ingest harmful smoke in the lungs, losing potency in the liver, or using any synthetic ingredients. In that way, the holistic healing effects are felt more rapidly and the tablets themselves disintegrate away into nothing. No messy or inaccurate oil drops, and you can take them anywhere without water. It’s quite simply advanced.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We’ve worked with so many people with a wide range of illnesses from around the world and a large majority continue to claim that Adaptoids have been more effective for various pain and sleep issues than other cbd delivery methods they’ve tried. It’s incredibly rewarding to have real people validate our theories, and to help them take the first step towards living a healthier life. I’m also excited to share that we now offer the first CBD Vitamin subscriptions through our website, so people stuck at home can save money and stay on a consistent dosing routine.

5. What are the advantages of Adaptoids?

We source everything to produce Adaptoids locally here in the US. Our dissolvable tablet technology allows their healing effects to be felt quickly, and thanks to our organic fruit ingredients they taste incredible. The organic active ingredients are more easily absorbed by the body, and the tablet structure is built on 100% plant based ingredients. Vegans and vegetarians love our Blueberry CBD + Vitamin B12 formula because their diet inherently lacks this essential nutrient which is critical for brain health and energy levels. Learn more on our website at, follow along on instagram @adaptoids, and be sure to share with family and friends.
Be well, live smooth.



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