Amoris Beauty Interview

Amoris Beauty Interview

Navigate the waves of e-commerce brilliance with Amoris Beauty. In this interview, gain valuable insights into the journey that has propelled Amoris Beauty to the forefront of the online business world, uncovering the strategies that set them apart in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Amoris Beauty?

We are Isaac Fakhri & Emerson Lattouf and we co-founded Amoris beauty in October last year! And at Amoris beauty we see ourselves as An Aussie made, vegan, natural and cruelty free solution to the day to day maintenence of your hair!
Isaac Fakhri:I’ve actually been involved in real estate since I was 15 in a family business and have been doing it full time since literally the day after my last year 12 exam, which has been a great learning experience, particularly on work ethic and a high attention to detail when it comes to customer service.
Emerson: I too started my working journey at 15 with Hairhouse Warehouse as a stock boy, part time while attending school. After finishing year 12 in 2019, I am currently studying Commerce at Deakin university.

2. How was Amoris Beauty born? How did you start?

We have both been very close our whole lives and always worked really well together, as a result of this we always wanted to start a business together but just didn’t know what exactly it would be. With Emerson’s father Joseph Lattouf being the Co-founer of Hairhouse Warehouse this exposed us to the hair and beauty industry from a very young age, this helped us realise that hair and beauty is something that we definitely have a great passion for. With the massive spike in ecommerce over the last few years, we saw an opportunity to put a digital spin on the industry that our family has been apart of for so long.

3. What makes Amoris Beauty different? Can you explain your products with details?

Our mask stands out in the current market due to the actual formula itself, again being around hair care for such a long time we understood there was a gap in the natural haircare market when it came to the performance of the actual product. We noticed many of the Natural products just Weren’t as potent as the chemically based ones. So we really had a emphasis on making the product as high performing as possible and actually wanted to have a stronger conditioning performance than the chemically based ones! Which sent our chemist crazy with 47 different changes to the formula, and has actually raised our costs considerably but we know its worth it. Landing on a formula that is packed with various vitamins such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 as well as Coca butter, Shea Butter, Avocado oil, Coconut oil just to name a few, assisting with damage recovery, hair protection, hair strength, frizz control and UV protection. while the mask also is an intense hydrator and rejuvenator.
The mask is also. Vegan, cruelty free and sulphate/ Paraben free.
We have also parented up with an amazing anisation called I=Change, Through this we donate $1 out of our own pocket from every purchase to support the three charities listed below.
Protect the vulnerable
Help kids with cancer
End violence

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

So far our reactions have been absolutely incredible! With over 200 5 star reviews so far!

5. What are the advantages of Amoris Beauty?

We believe our strongest advantage is the incredible benefits of the Mask itself. Our mask really is a do it all for your hair, some of our benefits are:
Restores and rejuvenates
Replenishes dull, dry and damaged hair
Leaves hair feeling soft and fresh with an increase shine
Promotes hair growth
Increases elasticity of the hair and helps reduce static induced fly aways!
Protection against UV & seawater aggression
Protect hair from protein loss and adds volume
Hydrates and softens
Improves Hair Dryness & Scalp Health
Provides heat protection at up to 180 degrees.



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