Bowl & Bowls Interview

Elevate your knowledge of e-commerce success with an insider’s look into Bowl & Bowls. Join us as we uncover the strategies and insights that have paved the way for Bowl & Bowls to stand out in the dynamic landscape of online entrepreneurship.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Bowl & Bowls?

My names is Wenzhu, one of the founders of Bowl & Bowls and currently working as the director of the brand.
The “little red bowl” (bowl & Bowls‘ nick name as the logo shows) aims to provide tasty & functional food that improves the health of our beloved fur-baby.
Seeing a positive transformation of health in pets and giving back to our community are our main drivers, and always will be.

2. How was Bowl & Bowls born? How did you start?

I adopted my dog Rosa on 2016. Since then, I tried out almost all of the brands on the market and realized that the quality petfood made a huge difference on the appearance of Rosa from the coat to even the smell.
Rosa is not at all a fussy eater, yet in the pet community, there are a number of pawrents selling their opened bag of expensive petfood saying that their dogs won’t eat it after a few times. I began to think if it is possible to create an petfood that could be added to the pawrents existing mainfood while balancing nutrition needs of our four-legged friends. It functions a bit like protein powder that we add to our post workout shake.
In 2019, I gathered a team of 7 who comes from different backgrounds but all pet owners to make this happen. We did package design, raw material sourcing, including stuff like product ingredient design, everything from zero.
Here we would like to thank Anna, an experienced New Zealand pet industry producer who has guided us through this complicated process.
We were also very lucky to have Sarah, a Spanish designer as our brand logo and package designer. Sarah managed to reflect our brand value beautifully—- the logo “red bowl” brings out the “tasty” element, the greenish background representing the “healthy” aspect and the “smiling” dog faces that makes people happy!

3. What makes Bowl & Bowls different? Can you explain your products with details?

Our slogon is “More than tasty”
Our main goal is to create the “food” that takes “tasty” to the next level and enhance pets’ health condition.
“Problem solving”
The first problem we want to tackle is how to prevent the waste when pawrents purchase a bag of food that your pal does not like without feeding nasty addictive to “trick” our pets. After discussion with our nutritionist Jenny, we decided to start from freeze-dried treats that allows us to works the palatability magic without adding preservatives.
“No addictive & low allergic risk”
Our ingredients list is short vurses existing products—Simple or even single meat sources and herbs that lower the risk of allergy caused by compound elements. We have a customer said that their dog is allegic to chicken but it is really hard to find petfood without chicken nowadays.
“Share my bowl”
We had a very limited marketing budget. Rather than throwing money to compete out advertise big existing players, we decided to focus on our community objects and run New Zealand market under the “social enterprise” model. Our products are donated groups such as “Share my pet” and “MayhoundNZ” and co-market with them. This is the coolest thing we’ve done so far and we intend to even more in the future.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

They said their dogs “gone crazy” about our treats and do “anything” to get one more bite! Especially for dogs that are being fed raw food, they find kibbles not tempting. However, there will be times that pawrents are not able to provide raw food, so they do want to keep kibbles as an option.
Our bites could attract these royal raw feeding “fans” to go for kibbles when needed. For other dogs, 3 bites a meal is enough to make the plank kibble meal an feast.

5. What are the advantages of Bowl & Bowls?

“Could handle even the fussiest dogs”
Our palatability rate (% of dogs accept the product) might be one of the highest. We tested out around 2,000 dogs by far, 99.75% of dogs say “yes”. Considering no addictive added (most petfood will add attractant to get pets favour the product), this result is amazing.
“Close as a family business to customers but professional as big firms “
We operate in a small team and will interact with our customers via social media directly. Our fans or stores know us as friends. On the other side, petfood is a serious industry to get into and relies on scientific methodology. We have nutritionist consultant to supervise our products ideas and strict export level manufacture processing to ensure we are not only passionate but also professional.



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