Brewtality Interview

Brëwtality Coffee Co Interview

Navigate the waves of e-commerce brilliance with Brëwtality Coffee Co. In this interview, gain valuable insights into the journey that has propelled Brëwtality Coffee Co to the forefront of the online business world, uncovering the strategies that set them apart in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Brëwtality Coffee Co.?

My name is Jason Hall, along with Jason Sealand we are the owners of Brewtality Coffee Company located just north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Brewtality is our vision of what a coffee company should be: unapologetic imagery blended with the smoothest coffee on the market.

2. How was Brëwtality Coffee Co. born? How did you start?

Brewtality Coffee was born out of two of our passions in life, good coffee and good music. If you ever see me holding a cup, it either has coffee or whiskey in it. While good whiskey is easy to find we saw a real gap in the coffee world where your options were either cheap, bitter, flash roasted chain coffee or over-priced stale, flavorless coffee. So we got to work and started developing a brand that is true to who we are as individuals: edgy graphics and a high quality coffee that is not over priced.

3. What makes Brëwtality Coffee Co. different? Can you explain your products with details?

Brewtality Coffee Co. is different because we are obsessed with freshness and smooth coffee. As a former railroader and truck driver I have tried every coffee known to man and all too often I felt like I was wasting my money on a product that was either stale and flavorless or flash roasted and bitter. To us it is an absolute shame when someone has to add a pound of sugar or flavored creamer just to be able to get some caffeine. All of our current bends are 100% Arabica and are hand selected and roasted in small batches as they’re ordered. We roast and cup every batch every day to ensure that you are getting the freshest product possible. All of our coffees are specifically blended and roasted to make sure our customers have a truly enjoyable experience without the need of sugar or creamers. We’ve spent several years developing our skills as roasters, and just as long developing our three flagship blends as seen below:
–Heart & Soul: Heart & Soul can best be described as a bright morning coffee. Although it’s a medium roast, we use a blend of Colombian and Ethiopian beans and roast them separately to maximize each bean’s flavor potential. Tasting notes on this coffee are a sweet, medium body with the aroma and hints of sweet berries up front with notes of chocolate and vanilla on the finish.
— Blood & Bones: Blood & Bones is our most rounded blend. The beans come primarily from the Tolima and Huila regions of Colombia with a splash of some Brazilians, again both roasted separately to a medium profile and blended afterwards to maximize each bean’s potential. B&B hits perfectly with notes of chocolate, red grape, orange, and white raisin. The profile is smooth and full bodied with zero bitterness.
–Guts & Glory: Guts & Glory is our darkest roast currently available, but you would never know it because there is virtually no bitterness in the cup. G&G is an espresso blend with beans primarily coming from a few different Brazilian regions along with Sumatra. It’s taken all the way into the dark roast end of the spectrum but pulled before 2nd crack to avoid the bitterness normally associated with a dark roast. The coffee presents with a low acidity, heavy body, and a clean finish. You can expect to taste notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, brown sugar, nuts, and toffee.
Also worth mentioning is because of our love of music and the understanding of how important music can be in the development of our youth, we donate to which helps put instruments in school age children around the country.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our customers to this point have been extremely satisfied, both with our coffee and our branding. Here are a few examples:

Brëwtality Coffee Co. - Founder

5. What are the advantages of Brëwtality Coffee Co.?

The advantages purchasing from the Brewtality family is first and foremost the fact that we are a small, family run business and we take our business very seriously. We understand that having a quality product is great, amazing branding is great, but the most important thing in our world is our customers. We the owners personally answer every single email and phone call so that we can ensure our customers are receiving the best care that can be humanly offered. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee, We are that serious. With Brewtality you can be sure that your concerns or questions will be handled in a timely manner with your happiness being our foremost concern.



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