Diana Marin Interview

Diana Marin Interview

Elevate your knowledge of e-commerce success with an insider’s look into Diana Marin. Join us as we uncover the strategies and insights that have paved the way for Diana Marin to stand out in the dynamic landscape of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Diana Marin?

I am Diana Marin and I am an independent fashion designer based in Bucharest, Romania. The brand with my own name expresses youth and contemporary design through clothing. Very often, my designs within this brand explore the dimensions of contrast, colour and utility. The philosophy of my brand is to provide the locals (and not only them) with fun, colourful clothing, that is a bit different from the others and makes you feel special and happy. It is not a conceptual brand like many other fashion brands created by designers, but a brand that provides you with wearable clothing, quality in terms of construction and fabrics and last, but not least, subliminal messages about the world we live in.

Diana Marin Founder

2. How was Diana Marin born? How did you start?

Diana Marin the brand was born in 2020, after some attempts within the fashion industry. After graduating IED in Milan, Italy with honours and struggling to find a job within the industry, finally working for a few months in New Delhi, India, I noticed that, more than often I took the extra mile in perfecting my work. Unfortunately, from the outside, my efforts would go unnoticed. So, I decided to come back home and start on my own: this was the moment DIANA MARIN was born!
First, I created my website, moved to Bucharest and rented a place that I converted into an atelier. Then, I spent days & months working, learning, building my brand. After creating my first projects, it was hard to find people with the same vision as me, that I can work with: photographers, video makers, models and seamstresses. So slowly, I researched everything around me, talked to many people, asked around and have come to always find a way to solve my difficulties. Every day it gets easier from this point of view!

3. What makes Diana Marin different? Can you explain your products with details?

The most important thing about Diana Marin is that it is a very tech-savvy brand: the website is our hub and main location, the products are developed digitally, using high-tech software for 3D simulation of garments, the production process uses only the latest technology: laser cut, digital printing, but also has the human touch when the garments are stitched. We are very keen of sustainability and have managed to reduce over 75% of waste that gets lost in the creative process. All the modern technology we use has helped us reach this important goal.
We tend to believe in a brighter future for garment manufacturing and clothing in general. This is why we we tend to create slow-fashion items of very good quality, at a more accessible price that people can actually wear with pleasure. We even created our signature ‘’Pocket Hoodie’’: a multi porpoise unisex jacket, for any weather, with many big pockets, that transforms into a bag and has multiple ways of wearing. Sometimes, you only need one jacket!
To sum it up, the Diana Marin designs are very special because of the way they were made. Design is very subjective, but processes, technology, inclusivity and sustainability are some real answers to today’s world!

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

More than often, my clients are very happy people, proud to be able to wear a piece created by a young designer, even if it is only a t-shirt or a mask. I have a feeling that they like to be part of all of this. They all are amazing people and I think this is what my brand attracts as well. They consider my designs very creative and well thought-out. Very often, people on the street stop me to ask where I got my clothing from, so when I tell them I made those pieces, they compliment me and sometimes even go on the website and buy it! I think, this is the most amazing thing that can happen and it is my own and the brand’s personal motivation.

5. What are the advantages of Diana Marin?

One of the main advantages is that, as soon as you get your garment, you don’t have to feel like you bought it in a shop and the shop forgot about you. Very often, we encourage our clients to remain in contact and give us a feedback about the product, asking if it fits well, feels well, if there are any problems. We are a small brand and this allows us to care more, which we will do. Another advantage is that, as said above, your garment is mindfully made, well-done technically and with good fabrics. And last, but not least, we try to keep the price down as much as possible, so people can afford wearing Diana Marin.



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