Dianina Interview

Dianina Interview

Discover the inner workings of Dianina‘s triumph as we bring you an exclusive interview. Gain a unique perspective on the secrets fueling their success and immerse yourself in the ever-changing realm of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and www.dianina.com?

A former humanitarian who has been confronted at the forefront with the issue of menstrual precariousness, often generated by taboo around womanhood, Nadia Yasin has created Dianina, a company she wanted to commit to women around the world. Dianina’s ambition is to make affordable to all women, eco-friendly solutions that will revolutionize their daily lives during their periods.

2. How was www.dianina.com born? How did you start?

Dianina is a three-fold project that includes an e-shop, a podcast and humanitarian projects targeting menstrual insecurity. At the end of 2021, our e-shop dianina.com was launched, providing to any menstruated person an access to beautiful products that were designed taking into account the specific needs of menstruation, at a particularly affordable price. Dianina also focuses on the quality of the materials and fabrics it uses in its menstrual products as well on their design: The shop offers a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and styles all made with comfortable and certified fabrics that respect women’s intimacy. The washable and reusable nature of these menstrual protections allows to limit considerably the production of waste and thus to preserve the planet.

3. What makes www.dianina.com different? Can you explain your products with details?

Second and third component of Dianina’s project are in the making: A podcast named “Proud to be Woman” is about to be launched in the coming months (around Summer 2022). It will aim at addressing taboo related to womanhood in Europe but also all over the world. A wide range of topics, starting from the menstruations (but not only!) will be addressed giving the floor to people from all walks of life. As a start, the podcast will be broadcasted in French but soon an English version will be released. Two humanitarian projects aiming at fighting menstrual precariousness and insecurity will be conducted this year. The first will take place in Nepal, through the provision of several hundreds of menstrual panties will be distributed to vulnerable women living in remote areas and deprived of access to efficient and easy-to-use menstrual protections. The second project will be conducted towards the end the year and will serve the same purpose but in a different location.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Clients are amazed by our products’ quality and diversity (shapes, colors, sizes). Many women remain reluctant to try out menstrual panties and reusable pads but understand more and more the urgency of reducing our waste product. According to recent studies, more than 2 billion disposable sanitary protections are thrown away each year in France. They are composed of toxic and non-biodegradable materials that pollute our planet, destroy our oceans and the fauna that lives there. All our clients are aware of this and happy to shift to a more sustainable habit that in addition to being good for the planet, provides comfort and give women better confidence in themselves and their body.

5. What are the advantages of www.dianina.com?

Dianina offers high quality menstrual panties and other women hygiene accessories that are affordable and eco-friendly. At the core of Dianina’s action is the fight against menstrual insecurity through affordable products and actions aiming at raising awareness about menstruations and other womanhood’s taboo and stigma.



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