Electra Soul Interview

Electra Soul Interview

Step into the world of Electra Soul as we decode the secrets that have propelled them to e-commerce greatness. This exclusive interview provides a glimpse into the strategies and insights that define Electra Soul’s prominence in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Electra Soul?

My name is Julianna Mallozzi and I am the founder and owner of my spiritual business and store, ElectraSoul. ElectraSoul is a spiritual business that was created solely to help, educate, and increase spiritual awareness within people. My life’s mission is to help others spiritually, in which that reflects in all of my social platforms and business. I create spiritual products and jewelry for those who are like me, and I dedicate each and every day to building and growing my store in any way possible to ensure that it is always doing exactly what I want it to do—to help people.

2. How was Electra Soul born? How did you start?

ElectraSoul came about when I was 18-years-old, after experiencing a very life-changing event. I had always planned to open my store, but much farther in the future. I knew that I needed to open my store as soon as possible, as there were people that needed the help and were not getting it anywhere else. I didn’t know anything about business or starting a store for that matter, so I got to work. I began studying, journaling, and planning all of my ideas, and the way I would carry out my business, successfully. It is my pride and joy and I have absolutely no regrets. I am extremely proud of ElectraSoul and all that it does for people.

3. What makes Electra Soul different? Can you explain your products with details?

ElectraSoul is different because it is a store that genuinely cares about its visitors and buyers. Here, we only want the best for those who want to learn and grow in spiritually (even the ones who don’t want to). My products consist of angel number (or a repeating number) jewelry and clothing such as hoop earrings with ‘222’ engraved onto them, a custom top with ‘555’ sewed into it, necklaces that hold Archangel protection for its buyers, crystals that induce certain spiritual aspects (manifestation, self love, romance, abundance, etc.), incenses used for meditation, spiritual coaching for those who would like to learn more/be trained in spirituality, and spiritual readings for those who are interested in learning more about a certain situation or idea. There are many spiritual products on ElectraSoul that all reflect spiritual care to its ultimate extent.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

The reaction I get from my clients always makes me very happy. They help me remember that what I’m doing for them, genuinely helps them. I receive a ton of positive feedback in which it always motivates me to produce more ideas, make more content, and create more products for those consuming. They do love my products—a pride to say. We will only continue to grow with our productions, services, and help!

5. What are the advantages of Electra Soul?

The main advantage of ElectraSoul is that we genuinely care. I know that my clients and supporters feel this as we all share a very strong bond with one another. ElectraSoul is a safe place to come to when in need—spiritually. We do our best to answer all questions and we love keeping our communication open as we receive many questions on our products and services, in which we are happy to educate our supporters on. It truly is a blessing.



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