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Elevate your knowledge of e-commerce success with an insider’s look into Haestic. Join us as we uncover the strategies and insights that have paved the way for Haestic to stand out in the dynamic landscape of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Haestic?

My name is William Tan and founder of Haestic. It was not uncommon to encounter hair problems amongst the gentlemen. That has been the inspiration to the lookout for what’s best for us.
Haestic exists to celebrate every strand by unraveling hair loss challenges one at a time. Unfortunately, hair loss and thinning can be a game-changer for men who pride themselves on their head full of hair. Understanding why your hair is thinning and falling is the first step towards finding the solution. Looking after your physical health and diet impacts the overall health of your hair, as our hair growth begins from the inside out. With that in mind, Haestic provides solution from the basics of your hair needs. From vitamins and nutrients consumed by the body, to scalp cleansing your hair, resources harvest from nature, Haestic products are researched, tested and developed with methods backed by science to ensure satisfaction guaranteed results.

Haestic founder

2. How was Haestic born? How did you start?

It started simply with a desire to solve hair loss problems for men. It dawned on me how many men suffer silently from hair loss. While having a full head of hair does not guarantee an instant confidence, but the effects of hair loss are more than just the change of appearance. There has also been a significant rise in the number of young men experiencing hair loss and baldness compared to the generations before. Well, you are not alone. There are solutions, and there can be a breakthrough. I knew herbal remedies are effective. We began studying and experimenting on sustainable ingredients as such. Along the progress of test and research, we realised the scent of herbs may be repelling to some. So, we came up with solutions to eliminate the scent, without reducing the benefits and effectiveness of the products. Imagine waking up to an overwhelming scent of oriental remedies in bed. Haestic changes that now. We are all striving for a better quality of life. Living in an era where the market is constantly offering us choices; you don’t need more solutions, just one that fixes your problems. I believe with the right solution; hair loss is just a phase. Restoring confidence and improving lives – that’s what Haestic is created for. Flash that confident smirk on your face, with thicker fuller hair!
Haestic launch since 2019 with fewer teammate. We’ve been studying and research for 2 years on the products and ingredients and end up we launch it we a full set of Haestic Hair Growth Programme. We started for research on ingredients and function then continuously with in-house products packaging design and brand name. The brand name is derived from the values that serve as guidelines to our brand and product development Humanity + Aesthetic + Authentic = H.aes.tic

3. What makes Haestic different? Can you explain your products with details?

– One of our USP is 1+1 Double Cleanse Shampoo. Why is double cleanse is because mens only wash with one shampoo but do you realize that actually scalp aging is faster than skin aging if you not really well care of it and end up results with lots of hair problem especially hair thinning and hair loss. 1st cleanse of shampoo is helps with deep clean for your dirt and impurities on scalp while 2nd cleanse is to help penetrate the ingredients into scalp. The concepts is same with women will use cleansing oil for their 1st cleanse to clear off the dirt on her skin then continue with 2nd cleanse to make sure skin pore not clogged with any dirt and the ingredients can well penetrate into skin for well function of the products.
– Plant Based Active Ingredients. Haestic formulation are based on method backed by science with plant based of award wining ingredients to ensure the products derived the results toward clients. One of the secret ingredients for our products were “SUPER VITAMIN E”, there is lots of vitamin E outside of the market but we want to ensure satisfaction results for clients so we carefully choose the top vitamin E with clinically proven by dr that can penetrated the function into scalp for up to 40-60 times stronger antioxidative. Apart from that, our active ingredients are clinical proven and research development by 30 years’ experience expert.
– Haestic Hair Growth Programme. This programme is come with supplement. We understand to get good and satisfied results for hair growth it must come with inside out programme. The concepts derived from women skin, to get a good skin woman not only rely on skin care but supplement also. Not much market for hair growth products is with supplement so we feel proud because we are ONE of it is with inside out hair growth programme.

Step 1: Micellar Deep Clean Shampoo
Cleanses scalp and hair, Removes buildup, oil and impurities, Balances sebum secretion
Step 2: Fortifying Shampoo
Rebalances hair growth cycle, Reduces scalp glycation, Prolongs hair life cycle, Restores hair vitality.
Step 3: HAESTIC™ Nourishing Booster
Decreases hair loss and stimulates hair growth, Improves cellular oxygenation and scalp microcirculation. Repairs and strengthens hair, Reduces scalp glycation, Delays ageing of scalp thus slows down hair loss. Step 4: Garden Pea Powder (Hair Growth Supplement)
Stimulates growth of new, healthy, thick hair, Helps to reduce hair loss significantly, Improves hair density by promoting a balance hair growth cycle, Reduces hair loss or hair thinning, Reduces damaged, dry hair, Calms itchy scalp.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We’ve very niche market because our products only serve for men’s. Throughout the years we realize that clients will automatically attach with our products once they used. Returning clients percentage can up to 85% because of the uniqueness of our products and the guarantee results we’ve promise to them. There’s many feedback with our double cleanse shampoo smell, texture and function. They come back to us with very good feedback and all their hair problem been solve included dandruff, scalp acne, hair oily and etc. Our products main focus with HAIR LOSS function but it help with mens scalp problem as well because of our concepts of DOUBLE CLEANSE. CLEAN AIR bring fresh air while CLEAN HAIR SCALP bring back your healthy scalp so it can help solve all hair problem.

5. What are the advantages of Haestic?

– MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with no significant results after 8 weeks
– Free delivery (only West Malaysia)



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