I Heart Wall Art Interview

I Heart Wall Art Interview

Embark on a journey into the heart of e-commerce brilliance with I Heart Wall Art. In this exclusive interview, discover the secrets behind the brand’s success and gain insight into the dynamic world of online entrepreneurship. Join us for a quick dive into the unparalleled journey that fuels I Heart Wall Art’s prominence in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and I Heart Wall Art?

Sure! I’m Edwina and I started I Heart Wall Art in 2018. We provide premium-quality canvas and art prints in a range of styles to customers around Australia and, increasingly, around the world.

2. How was I Heart Wall Art born? How did you start?

We started back in 2018 when I was looking to create some canvas art for my own walls. I’m the daughter of an art curator/valuer, and I grew up in a house in Tasmania full of lots of colourful fine art pieces. As an adult, I couldn’t afford that – but I still wanted that look and feel of bright abstracts and beautiful, richly-coloured prints. So, I started creating my own digital artworks and printing them through a local manufacturer. It grew from there.
The last year or so has been huge for us and we now print and frame most of our pieces in house which has been a big and exciting step for us. It gives us full control over the timeframes and look and feel of the end products we make and allows us to consider extra add-ons for the customer, like hand-signed pieces (when they’re my artwork) and upsells at checkout like poster hangers or framing kits.

I Heart Wall Art Founder

3. What makes I Heart Wall Art different? Can you explain your products with details?

I like to think we offer wall art prints for people with fine art tastes and that’s certainly our niche. A lot of our pieces are designed to give that look and feel of a big, bold abstract artwork at a fraction of the price of an original painting. Not all of us can afford to fill our walls with original paintings but many of us want something more unique than we can find at our nearest Ikea store on our walls. And that’s where we come in! Our collection is growing consistently and our plan is to continue to expand it to keep offering unique and original pieces in a range of styles.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We get great reactions! Clients definitely love the products. We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our product photos and descriptions clearly represent what clients are getting and, if anything, we probably undersell then over-deliver. I hate people being unhappy so we also now offer a returns policy allowing people to return their pieces if they’ve had a change of heart, which is not the usual policy for a print-to-order manufacturer. When you start from nothing, you have to work that bit extra to gain your customers’ trust and we’re really focused on building that trust. But luckily, the quality of the products speaks for itself and we don’t get many returns.

5. What are the advantages of I Heart Wall Art?

Now that we manufacture our own pieces, we can offer an even more premium product and ensure tight quality controls and it also makes it easier for us to ship internationally. But one of the biggest advantages is that a lot of our pieces are unique — customers can’t shop around to find them somewhere else. So, when they fall in love with the right piece, we’re the only place they can buy it from.



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