Loox Interview

Loox Interview

Discover the inner workings of Loox‘s triumph as we bring you an exclusive interview. Gain a unique perspective on the secrets fueling their success and immerse yourself in the ever-changing realm of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Loox?

I am Cyrielle a traveler whom met her soul mate Mickael who is a fantastic photographer. We both are passionate with travel, photography and aesthetic and together we have created LOOX Presets. Our company provides mobile and desktop users with top range digital filters to help anyone achieve perfect photo editing in a few clicks. These filters are to be installed in the Adobe Lightroom app and softwares.

2. How was Loox born? How did you start?

We created LOOX After traveling together for 1 year and 1/2 around the world. We ended up posting our trips on Instagram and we started having a lot of friends and people following our adventure complementing the look of our photos. Guided by our mentor Serge Ramelli (a very renowned photographer) we decided to start making our skills our job ! We did our first presets living in my parents room working 10h a day making the website ourselves trying to find ideas working on a perfect way to deliver our products. 2 years later this is our full time job and we can know live from our passion and travel at the same time to create new inspiration and new products constantly. We are very thankful for all the persons who supported us and who are still following our adventure to this day. We try to support their dream by giving them an accessible professional editing for all their photos even the ones taken from their phones, and they support us back in our creations.

3. What makes Loox different? Can you explain your products with details?

We consider our customer family, we always do our best to answer everyone within a couple of ours, we try to build a strong relationship with them. I have some buyers that send me photos from their holidays thanking me for the presets they bought. The customer service is very important to us and we really work hard to make people happy. We also have an amazing asset in the team : Mickael whois a professional photographer since 10 years. His super power is the ability to duplicate any look he sees and recreate it in a versatile way. We also have a constant check up on our presets and we keep updating them as we learn new editing techniques. Before launching a new pack we run a lot of tests on amateur photos and professional ones, we also test a lot of our filters to match any skin complexion as we want anyone to use our filters and have a satisfying result with them.
Our product is basically a shortcut of professional knowledge in photography editing that will allow anyone taking photos to achieve the editing look of their dream in a few clicks weather they are professionals or mobile users.

Loox Founders

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our customers are very happy with our presets and we have many returning clients who want to have new editing looks. They are also a source of inspiration as we try to answer their need. They give us ideas on the new products to launch based on their demands. We also have some sweet messages from business owners. I can remember this amazing family owning a family restaurant, they bought one of our pack to effortlessly promote their business with a nice aesthetic for their social media, the smooth result ended up in a rising number of followers and a big promotion of their restaurant. They sent me a huge thank you email for helping them sorting out their PR and social medias just by a simple preset pack. We have many cute stories of our customers and we are so proud of their creations.

5. What are the advantages of Loox?

The advantages are that you get a product that you can use on any devices, you can simply use them with the free version of the app or as a professional on the desktop softwares. No matter your photography level you can get a professional result easily. You get to have a close relationship with us and we do our best to provide tutorials to get the most our of the presets. We also want to give you value so any updates we do as we ameliorate the products are free. So you can buy a package today and get the double of filters in a few months because we just updated it with new versions of them, we only do one time payments and lifetime access to the products. You are not limited to use them on one device but you can install the presets on as many as you want. And of course we are always reachable to help or assist if you have any question.



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