Naomi Luxe Hair Interview

Navigate the waves of e-commerce brilliance with Naomi Luxe Hair Boutique. In this interview, gain valuable insights into the journey that has propelled Naomi Luxe Hair Boutique to the forefront of the online business world, uncovering the strategies that set them apart in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Naomi Luxe Hair?

Hi, my name is Monique Gower and I am the co-owner of Naomi Luxe Hair Boutique along with my mother, Sheila Gower. Naomi Luxe Hair Boutique honors our late mother and grandmother, Naomi Parker Bonner, a hairstylist, salon owner, and cosmetology teacher offering hair weaves dating back to the 1960’s, along with full service hair and wig styling. Growing up where the family business was hair, I gained an affinity for frequent hair color, style changes, wigs, and extensions.

2. How was Naomi Luxe Hair born? How did you start?

After several hit or miss personal experiences, I knew that others shared my frustration. My journey to finding consistent quality hair extensions led me to create a company whose mission is to provide top of the line raw hair. Naomi Luxe was birthed with a mission to provide quality hair extensions that offered versatility and longevity.

3. What makes Naomi Luxe Hair different? Can you explain your products with details?

Our NL Raw Indian hair is 100% Human Hair, unprocessed and free from harsh chemicals or coloring collected from one donor. It has never been chemically processed or had any heat applied to it. Raw hair comes in its natural state unlike virgin hair. This is the highest quality on the market. The bundles are fuller and can last up to 5 years with proper care.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our clients love the versatility and longevity our hair provides. Clients can wear our hair extensions in its natural state either natural wavy or curly but can also wear it curled or straightened. Our hair is very natural looking and blends well with our client’s own hair.
See what our clients have said about our NL Raw Indian extensions:

Naomi Luxe Hair Reviews

5. What are the advantages of Naomi Luxe Hair?

To ensure quality, we wash and deep condition all of our bundles and perform an inspection check.
We check for the following:
– Damaged wefts
– Tangling
– Excessive shedding
Only hair that passes is added to our site. We pride ourselves on providing quality hair extensions.



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