Orion Interview

Elevate your knowledge of e-commerce success with an insider’s look into Orion. Join us as we uncover the strategies and insights that have paved the way for Orion to stand out in the dynamic landscape of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Orion?

We are Clarence and Matthew, the co-founders of Orion. We provide world-leading red and near-infrared light therapy products for in-home and professional use.

2. How was Orion born? How did you start?

We’re two Vancouver natives who had it with the not-so-fun effects of the long and dark winter months. We understood how essential natural sunlight is for human health, wellness, and longevity, so we asked ourselves, “How could we harness the power of light without natural sunlight?”. That’s when we discovered the myriad of health benefits and healing properties of red and near-infrared light. In 2020, we set out to bring the power of light to the comfort of your homes and workplaces. Through science, technology, and our devoted team, Orion was born.

3. What makes Orion different? Can you explain your products with details?

Let’s first explain what red light therapy is.
Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated red and near-infrared light to your cells. The human body requires natural light to perform and thrive, just like it needs water and nutrients from food.
Red and near-infrared wavelengths of light are the ‘superfoods’ of natural light, providing our body with healing properties and health benefits.
Orion delivers the most effective treatment through its therapeutic-grade power and clinically proven wavelengths. Currently, we offer 3 different red light therapy devices, the Orion 300, 500, and 1000, for small, large, and full-body treatment areas, respectively.
How to use red light therapy
Red light therapy treatments are simple and can be very effective when complemented with other healthy lifestyles.
Follow Orion’s treatment guideline for the best results:
• Position yourself 6-12 inches away from your device.
• Expose your skin for the most effective results.
• Approximately 10-15 minute treatments per body area.
• Daily use is recommended.
• Any time of day that works best for you.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We have received a ton of positive feedback from our Orion community. They love having a device that allows them to feel better than they had before using red light therapy. Many use Orion to combat the effects of seasonal affective disorder, while others use it for inflammation, pain, collagen, skin health, and other health benefits.

5. What are the advantages of Orion?

Orion offers a 60-day trial period, a 3-year warranty, and free shipping on all our devices.



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