Ponytail Sleeve Interview

Ponytail Sleeve Interview

Embark on a journey into the heart of e-commerce brilliance with Ponytail Sleeve. In this exclusive interview, discover the secrets behind the brand’s success and gain insight into the dynamic world of online entrepreneurship. Join us for a quick dive into the unparalleled journey that fuels Ponytail Sleeve’s prominence in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Ponytail Sleeve?

I’m Sheenee Cotton the owner of Cotton Creations LLC and the inventor of the Ponytail Sleeve. The Ponytail Sleeve is a hair accessory that allows customers to create custom ponytails in the safest, most convenient and cost effective way possible.

2. How was Ponytail Sleeve born? How did you start?

I’ve always been someone who enjoys changing my hairstyles on a regular basis as well as trying new looks constantly. At the same time, it’s very important to me that the methods I use to achieve a particular hairstyle aren’t damaging my hair either. Some may say it’s only hair, but for many of us it’s way more than that… It’s a part of our identity. In 2019, I saw a new ponytail trend called the invisible ponytail, I instantly wanted to try the hairstyle out however it required putting bonding glue on my hair which I hate to use. I know many individuals just like me that refuse to use glue on their hair which led me to a lightbulb moment… What if there was a product that the hair extensions could be attached to without having to glue anything directly to my own hair. This is how the Ponytail Sleeve was born! I started off with a really bad sketch and a poorly hand stitched prototype that eventually evolved in to the revolutionary product that you see today!

3. What makes Ponytail Sleeve different? Can you explain your products with details?

The Ponytail Sleeve is an innovative hair accessory used to create custom ponytails. Simply sew or glue the hair extensions onto the Ponytail Sleeve then slide the completed ponytail onto your braid and secure with the built-in drawstring.
Traditional drawstring ponytails go over top of a bun. For individuals with a lot of hair this doesn’t work all that well. Often times it doesn’t fit over all of the hair and ends up looking bulky and unflattering. The Ponytail Sleeve is made of a very stretchy material so no matter how much hair you have you can achieve a nice sleek, elegant ponytail.
The Ponytail Sleeve is available in two colors: Black and Beige. Black is our most popular seller and pairs perfectly with the vast majority of hair extensions out there. Beige is great for anyone looking to pair it with blonde hair extensions or other lighter colors.
Having a secure ponytail is crucial so that you can move freely throughout the day without checking or adjusting your ponytail every 5 minutes. Thats why the Ponytail Sleeve comes with an attached drawstring for precision tightening as well as a convenient slot to hide the drawstring giving you a clean, seamless finish.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

They absolutely LOVE it! Here’s what a few had to say:
“This is GENUIS”
“This is the easiest ponytail installation I have ever used!”
“This is definitely a game changer!”
“The sleeve is so convenient and easy to use. Everyone definitely needs one in their hair stash. I love mine!” “Bomb! And SO convenient”
“I love my sleeve !! Such a brilliant idea!!”
“Working smarter and not harder”
“I don’t know how, but you can’t see the sleeve nor the tracks while wearing them on matter how you manipulate the hair. They are BEAUTIFUL!”
Those are just a few of the hundreds of reactions I’ve gotten from my customers. Like myself, many of my customers have experienced the same problems with previous hair products and the Ponytail Sleeve has truly been a game changing solution for them.
Another thought that also warms my heart is to know that I am helping other entrepreneurs start or expand their current businesses. Thanks to the Ponytail Sleeve, custom wig designers can now offer their clients custom ponytails opening up a whole new market and revenue stream for them.

5. What are the advantages of Ponytail Sleeve?

While there are several advantages to using the Ponytail Sleeve, I will just mention a few:
Save money – the Ponytail Sleeve saves you money in more ways than one. Your ponytail becomes completely reusable, slip it on or off with ease. No more dealing with messy, damaging glue gunk or wasting time unwrapping your ponytail ever again . Have old hair extensions you don’t know what to do with? Repurpose them on to the Ponytail Sleeve and have a flawless new look in minutes!
Fully Customizable – Prior to the Ponytail Sleeve, all other ponytail solutions on the market came pre-made, already assembled. Customers could only choose from what that particular seller was offering. Now with the Ponytail Sleeve, our customers can attach ANY hair type (synthetic, human hair, etc), with ANY texture (straight, curly, wavy, etc), in ANY color, and at ANY length they desire. Now customers can get a true match to their hair and truly one of kind look.
Protect Your Hair – The importance of maintaining beautiful healthy hair is at the core of our mission. The Ponytail Sleeve protects your hair in several ways. The hair extensions are adhered directly to the Ponytail Sleeve and not your own hair. This removes the tension that gluing or sewing hair extensions can put on your hair. Furthermore, since the Ponytail Sleeve is so easy to install and remove you no longer have to sleep with it on at night. Slip it off before bed or give your hair a break at any time, since the Ponytail Sleeve takes less than 5 minutes to install! Let’s face it, we could all use a little extra time in the morning and the Ponytail Sleeve is a the perfect solution for a quick, beautiful hair day.



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