Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply Interview

Step into the world of Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply as we decode the secrets that have propelled them to e-commerce greatness. This exclusive interview provides a glimpse into the strategies and insights that define Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply’s prominence in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply?

My name is Lakeisha DePeyster and I own this store with my daughter Briana DePeyster. I came from very humble beginnings, both of my parents were addicts, my mom was addicted to drugs and my dad alcohol not to mention abuse from family members. I was raised by my grandmother who was an amazing role model. My life wasn’t easy at all but I knew since I was a little girl that through all of the hard times I was destined for something great. I was the first grandchild to go to college and out of state at that but definitely not the last there is alot of now and also the first to own a brick and mortar business. My grandmother always told me that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it and that has stuck with me my whole life. I don’t believe in glass ceilings. I am also the first black female director at my other job. My daughter is a college graduate and a force to be reckoned with. She loves fashion and beauty so it made a great partnership for the two of us.

2. How was Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply born? How did you start?

I work in Commercial real estate as a director and I saw so many men with businesses and I always knew that I wanted my own business as well and I said to myself why not me. I was making other people money and investing in them but not myself. I had thought about what type of business would always be in demand and can withstand a recession. It took me a while to figure out but then I thought beauty is a billion dollar business why not do something along those lines. It took me a while but I came up with beauty supplies and clothes would be a great business to start, we are always grooming ourselves in one form or another. Once God gave me the vision I started doing a vision board and it just took off from there.

3. What makes Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply different? Can you explain your products with details?

Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply is different because we not only sell the latest fashion trends including shoes, apparel, perfume, hats, perfume and other boutique items, we have a fully stocked beauty supply side as well. Most stores have one or the other. I have a full stock of both. It’s one stop shopping. We sell weaves, braiding hair, pony tails, crochet hair, hair accessories, jewelry, wigs and hair products for all types of hair on the beauty supply side so you can’t go wrong. Like I said one stop shopping, who needs to go to the mall when you can come here and get everything you need.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Everyone who comes in love the store, they talk about how clean and organized our products are. They love how good it smells and the customer service we give them. Also, that we remember our customers, they love the fact that they could come into the store and we know who they are and are able to fulfill their needs.

5. What are the advantages of Queens Boutique and Beauty Supply?

The advantages at Queen’s Boutique and Beauty supply is that we ship, do pick and delivery if it’s within 5 miles. We also try to fulfill customers request when asked for special items. We truly care about our customers and their needs.



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