Simply Breathe Interview

Simply Breathe Interview

Discover the inner workings of Simply Breathe‘s triumph as we bring you an exclusive interview. Gain a unique perspective on the secrets fueling their success and immerse yourself in the ever-changing realm of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Simply Breathe?

Dr. Seaman: My name is Dr. Frank Seaman. My daughter, Lisa, and I have been growing this business together with the goal of helping people breathe better and be better! Simply Breathe is a mild adhesive strip to help prevent mouth breathing. It is a hypoallergenic solution that helps you breathe through the nose — the way nature intended. One strip on the lips is all it takes to improve your breathing. People might think we are a little crazy. UNTIL they try it and experience the benefits first-hand.

2. How was Simply Breathe born? How did you start?

Dr. Seaman: This journey started over six years ago as I searched for a practical solution to help my patients manage their dental problems. While at a dental meeting, a lecturer was speaking about dental therapies to promote a better airway. He made a proclamation that mouth breathing during sleep is hands down the unhealthiest thing that a person can do, period.
Lisa: As he explored solutions, he came across mouth taping. Over many years he collected data and results of patients who used tape at night to promote nasal breathing. Although the original goal was to improve dental health, as he conducted sleep studies and overnight pulse oximetry studies, happy patients reported many improvements by changing this one condition.
As an avid runner, Dr. Seaman began to wonder if improved breathing could improve performance. So, he put it to the test and ran the Pikes Peak Ascent – a 14 mile run with 7,800 feet of elevation gain – with his mouth taped closed! Although his experiment failed at 12,000 feet, it was truly a success because he learned how much benefit there is to not mouth breathing during training. (These benefits are outlined in the book, The Oxygen Advantage, by Patrick McKeown.)
More and more patients tried tape, but resisted using it due to discomfort, and poor adaptation to the lips. We saw a need for a more comfortable solution than over the counter tape and introduced our product with the name LipSeal Tape, which we later rebranded as Simply Breathe.

3. What makes Simply Breathe different? Can you explain your products with details?

There are other options out there, but you won’t find a more comfortable, practical or effective solution to stop mouth breathing.
Breathing through the nose filters small particles like pollen, adds moisture and warms or cools air before it gets to the lungs, improves oxygen absorption, reduces hypertension, improves the immune system, and other critical, life-giving benefits. Our bodies are designed to breathe through the nose. It’s a healthier, deeper way to breathe.
Unfortunately, millions of us have become “mouth breathers” due to congestion, stress, sleep apnea or a handful of other reasons. James Nestor’s recent best-selling book, Breath, does an excellent job of describing the problems of mouth breathing in an easy-to-read context.
Additionally, as a small family run business our customer service is and will remain our top priority.
Put simply, I advise Simply Breathe strips be worn nightly.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Our customers love our product! They volunteer that their snoring has decreased, they are sleeping better and their overall well-being has improved… Client testimonials also include reduced dry mouth and morning breath, elimination of chapped lips, less congestion and reduced teeth grinding and clenching.

5. What are the advantages of Simply Breathe?

Simply Breathe improves sleep. Sleep is a cornerstone of all our lives. If we can sleep better, we can increase our energy levels, reduce stress and live better, richer lives.



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