TATTon Me Interview

TATTon Me Interview

Navigate the waves of e-commerce brilliance with TATTon Me. In this interview, gain valuable insights into the journey that has propelled TATTon Me to the forefront of the online business world, uncovering the strategies that set them apart in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and TATTon Me?

We are Ksenia and Mytyta Fursovs, we are partners in life and business. We`ve been into creating interesting gifts for the last 8 years and TATTon.me is our new brand of temporary tattoos for any fun occasion. Our most exciting product is live temporary tattoos with AR. The tattoo picture comes alive right on your skin with our phone app.

TATTon Me Team

2. How was TATTon Me born? How did you start?

For the first time, we thought about temporary tattoos while we were getting ready for our son`s Danny 4th birthday party in November 2019. We wanted to add some fun for kids but all the tattoos we found were more like girl`s fashion accessories, not for children. So we’ve searched for a while is it possible to produce tattoos for our own. The kids went aaaabsolutely crazy when they saw the tattoos at the party. So we’ve noticed the market opportunity in that.

3. What makes TATTon Me different? Can you explain your products with details?

Our business philosophy is about doing and giving “more than you expect”.
First of all, we think about the basic safety and comfort of using our tattoos. We print them with non-toxic eco-ink, pre-cut each tattoo, and provide a sponge with each set. So if the kids use tattoos they don’t need any scissors and won’t get wet from head to toe. Usual water is all they’ll need.
But safety, convenience, and variety of designs were not enough for us. So we’ve created the first-ever AR live tattoos set. AR is now implemented only in 7 sets but already became our specialty. So we know for sure we’ll go on with this.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Well, the children are really excited to see the tattoo of a zebra becoming alive right on their arms. They say “WOW!” when they put on the tattoo, but then they “WOOOOOW!” when the object moves and speaks. The coolest thing is that the reaction of adults is pretty much the same. We all love surprises and some magic regardless of our age. So TATTon.me is definitely giving positive emotions!

5. What are the advantages of TATTon Me?

The coolest part of our temporary tattoos is the AR. This is how the magic actually works;

We also create usual temporary tattoos for different occasions for kids and adults. We are always looking for designs that we’d love for ourselves. We produce everything in Ukraine. We keep an eye on the safety and quality of the ink personally unlike the brands who order the tattoos from China. We pre-cut each tattoo and put a sponge in each box so that using tattoos would be safe and easy even at a picnic or a music festival. And each tattoo we make is created with emotion so that buyers would share the vibe with us! 🙂



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