Unintended Interview

Navigate the waves of e-commerce brilliance with Unintended. In this interview, gain valuable insights into the journey that has propelled Unintended to the forefront of the online business world, uncovering the strategies that set them apart in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Can you introduce yourself and Unintended?

Hey my name is Gio and I’m the owner of UNINTENDED. Unintended represents the idea that life has no plans.

2. How was Unintended born? How did you start?

UNINTENDED started after my first year out of college. I wanted to own a clothing brand since I was a teenager and wanted to take a chance on myself and prove I can make a brand that would be a household name. I wanted a brand that resembled or can associate with everyone from an emotional standpoint and tell the stories through each design.

3. What makes Unintended different? Can you explain your products in detail?

UNINTENDED is different based off the unique items we make. We tend to do a ton of custom designs and built a platform to show off those designs. Even though it’s t-shirts, hoodies, and more; we focus on the details of the design and try to enhance the average t shirt or hoodie or whatever item we make.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We get mainly good reactions from our customers. They get excited about their orders and send in their pics every once in a while for us to repost them. I believe they love the products, at least that’s what reviews say from our customer base.

5. What are the advantages of Unintended?

Our advantage is unique design work and being heavy focus on the digital side by finding new ways to sell, using different marketing techniques, and just being creative.



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