yzill interview

Yzill Interview

Discover the inner workings of Yzill‘s triumph as we bring you an exclusive interview. Gain a unique perspective on the secrets fueling their success and immerse yourself in the ever-changing realm of online entrepreneurship. 

1. Can you introduce yourself and Yzill?

Hello, I’m Seda Pamuk and I’m the founder of Yzill. Yzill is a philanthropic jewellery and accessories brand, we are selling online and in our small shop in Market Street, Brighton.

Yzill Founder

2. How was Yzill born? How did you start?

The idea for Yzill was born as part of my MSc. in London College of Fashion. Yzill was my dissertation project, so I was afforded the time to really focus on my business plan and what the aims of Yzill are. It hasn’t changed that much from my original dissertation, we want to empower women, by harnessing women’s consumer power and giving back to women via a foundation and workshops. For example we want to run confidence workshops, they could include a shared activity, such as belly dance, photography or even power kiting.

3. What makes Yzill different? Can you explain your products with details?

Yzill jewellery is hand made from sterling silver in Turkey. It’s all been designed by me or by my uncle. My family has always been in the jewellery trade, my uncles and brother, so to an extent I am following their path, but with a twist! We have several ranges, earrings are best sellers, and several themes, for example, rainbows and animals. I write a story for every product to create an emotional connection between the jewellery and the person who is buying it. We do all our own photography too.

4. What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

Yes we’ve been getting really positive feedback. Especially in pandemic times it has been very rewarding to feel that you made a difference to someone’s day, that you emboldened them, that you made them smile. I really love meeting and talking to customers face to face in our Market Street, Brighton shop. We find they love the product, but even more so they love ethos behind the brand, to support women.

5. What are the advantages of Yzill?

The main advantage of Yzill is we support women. The products themselves are high quality and unique sterling silver pieces. Research shows most items have been designed by men for women. Even seemingly small details in the jewellery can cause discomfort when worn. Our pieces are user friendly for women, they are not uncomfortable high fashion pieces, they can be worn every day. We are all women working for Yzill and we source ethical hand made jewellery from Turkey.



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